Direct Access Endoscopy

Thanks for considering this option for your colon cancer screening procedure. We are committed to making colon cancer screening more convenient in addition to providing safe, effective outpatient colon cancer screening in a comfortable environment at Waldorf Endoscopy Center (as we have been doing for over 15 years). 

In most cases, we are able to provide this service without requiring an initial office visit. Colonoscopy Now is an easy way to determine whether you are healthy enough to undergo a colonoscopy without an initial physician consultation. Our goal is to save you time and money. 

How do I find out if I qualify for Colonoscopy Now? 
We have made it very easy for those who want to know if they are eligible for Colonoscopy Now. If you are a healthy individual, age 50 or older, then only a few questions stand between you and your procedure!We do this to assure that there are no factors which might interfere with either the effectiveness or safety of the procedure. 

Start saving time AND money with Colonoscopy Now today and fill out the form to see if you qualify! 

Click Here to fill out the form and see if you qualify 

To assure a good examination, a ‘well-prepared’ colon is quite important. The preparation for an exam requires a modification of your diet 24 hours before your exam and the administration of an oral laxative. This information will be provided by the nurse or assistant. The information will be mailed to you; it may also be found on this website