Colonoscopy Now

Colonoscopy Now is an easy way to determine whether you are healthy enough to undergo a colonoscopy without an initial physician consultation. Our goal is to save you time and money.

How do I find out if I qualify for Colonoscopy Now? 
We have made it very easy for those who want to know if they are eligible for Colonoscopy Now. If you are a healthy individual, age 50 or older, then only a few questions stand between you and your procedure!

Click Here to fill out the form and see if you qualify.

By filling out the form, you are sending your personal health information through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform to be reviewed by our team of health care specialists.

Upon submitting your form, a qualified member of our staff will review your information and follow up with you to discuss the best next steps for your care.

How do I schedule my appointment with Colonoscopy Now?
After our staff reviews your personal health information and determines that you are eligible, you will be contacted to schedule your procedure. Even if you don’t qualify, someone will contact you to notify you of your eligibility and recommended next steps.

Those eligible for Colonoscopy Now will forgo the pre-procedure office visit, and see a board certified gastroenterologist and have their procedure on the same day!

How do I save money with Colonoscopy Now?
This program is focused on saving the patient time and money. By eliminating any copay or medical bills that would come with a pre-procedure visit, Colonoscopy Now reduces your out-of-pocket cost for the same care and quality of treatment. Colonoscopy Now can also save you time by reducing your number of trips to the center from two to one.

Start saving time AND money with Colonoscopy Now today and fill out the form to see if you qualify!